Our clients consist of members of the general public, employers, insurance companies, attorneys and other investigators.

We provide the following services:

  • Workers’ Compensation Investigations & Surveillance
  • Background Checks/Pre-Employment Checks
  • Investigator Support
  • Locates
  • Service of Process
  • Domestic Investigations/Surveillance
  • Child Custody

Workers’ Compensation Investigations & Surveillance

We are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of workers’ compensation investigations. Our work product is excellent and receives high praise from our clients. We perform activities checks, surveillance, records searches and locates to obtain fair representation of a claimant’s physical and/or mental capacities. We use digital video equipment and provide you with a DVD depicting the claimant’s activities. We are knowledgeable concerning the law and the rights of individuals, and stay within the law at all times. Our reports are described as among the best in the industry.

Background Checks/Pre-Employment Checks

There are many sound reasons for doing background checks: you may be considering going into business with someone, or an employer looking to hire new people, considering a relationship or marriage. We obtain public records, and the other party is not alerted to the inquiry.

Investigator Support

We offer support services to other investigators locally, out of town, and out of state. There are many reasons why this is a good value for other investigators and detective agencies. Sometimes your regular support person is not available, or maybe you have been doing it all yourself and could use some help. Maybe you cannot travel to the area where the investigation needs to be done, or you need records out of your local area. Please call about our special investigator rates.


A locate just means to find someone. There are many reasons people can have for needing such a service. Perhaps you have lost contact with a friend or relative; or someone owes you money and has moved; or you need them served with court papers.

Service of Process

If you file a lawsuit, you need to serve the papers on the other party. Maybe they don’t want to be found and are avoiding and hiding. We do the best we can to find the person for you and get the service done. We specialize in “difficult process” which means that others have tried and failed, but we persevere. Results are never guaranteed, but our honest best efforts are.

Domestic Investigations/Surveillance

Our clients are men and women who are concerned about the fidelity and honesty of their significant other. Some are married and some are not. Some live alternative lifestyles, and all are treated with respect and dignity. Many times children are involved. We protect the identity of all of our clients and take all measures to insure that the other party never learns of the investigation. It is up to the client to decide when and if they want the other party to be aware of what has been learned. See my blog about signs of infidelity, and why people want to know what the other person is up to, and how such knowledge empowers them to make informed decisions.

Child Custody

Investigations concerning child custody are highly emotional, sensitive and delicate. When a couple is battling over who gets the kids, it helps to know if the children are being properly cared for, what people and circumstances they are being exposed to, and if court orders are being obeyed. Records searches and surveillance can reveal important information that can be used to obtain full custody and terminate the custody of a unsuitable parent or guardian.